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Why Have a Buyers Agent

What is a Buyer Agent?

A BUYER AGENT is a new breed of real estate sales associate who strictly represents YOU, the BUYER. This legal distinction is important to understand because agents for the SELLER conduct the majority of today's real estate transactions. A seller's agent is contractually bound to obtain the price and terms most favorable to the selling party. That naturally puts the buyer at a significant disadvantage. We represent buyers to ensure that the best interests of YOU, the buyer, are protected.

What does a Buyer Agent do?

Your Buyer Agent stands ready to assist you in every possible way, from start to finish. The moment you contact us, your Buyer Agent begins work on a customized itinerary focused on personally touring you through each community, model center or home that meets your requirements. Your Buyer Agent will contact you by phone and develop a more in-depth understanding of your needs. You can rely on the expertise of our meticulously recruited and highly trained personnel. You can count on their local knowledge about new home models, builder reputations, new home communities, local schools and more. We look forward to assisting you with site selection, financing, and even construction details in the event you decide to build. Your Buyer Agent is the only source you need. We know how to do all the legwork to make your relocation go as smoothly as possible, so you can concentrate on more important things.

How much does a Buyer Agent cost?

And now for the best news: the Buyer Agent's services are FREE to you, the prospective buyer! How is this accomplished? All commission fees are paid by the SELLERS in the form of previously negotiated co-broker and listing agreements.